6 Crucial Communication Tips for Influencers, and How Reach.Dog Can Help

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It’s not easy being an influencer, and we’re not just talking about the need to be a responsible shepherd of your voice and message as your audience grows. Communication is at the core of influencers’ success in this field, both when it comes to talking to your audience and when interacting with potential brand partners. Implementing effective communication tips is vital.

That communication, of course, can look very different depending on your niche, your audience, and the brands you work with. Still, there are some general best practices that are worth keeping in mind as you look to build your own presence and increase your reach.

So, let’s dig into those best practices. Each of the tips below come from extensive experience of building our platform specifically to encourage influencer-brand interaction. Ready to get started? This is how.

6 Communication Tips for Influencers

1. Define Your Audience

Any communication can be improved by a thorough understanding of who, exactly, you’re talking to. For influencers, this step splits into two directions:

  • Your social media following. The better you know them, the more you can tailor your content towards them. A good understanding of your audience can also help you when looking to work with brands targeting the same audience.
  • The brands you’re looking to work with. What industry are they in? Are you looking to partner with small businesses or large corporations? Who in the business do you typically talk to, marketing or sales, or someone else altogether?

Your audience definition can be broad, with basic demographic and company information. But it pays to go deeper, understanding your audience based on their needs, preferences, and desires. Write down your definition of each audience, so you can easily refer to it anytime you need to.

2. Highlight What Makes You Unique

A quick search through our platform makes this communication tip clear: there are, quite literally, countless influencers looking to partner with brands and build their own name. The best way to stand out is to find your niche, ideally focused around your own personal strengths, weaknesses, and interests. The more unique that niche is, the better.

Once you’ve found it, formalize it. In the corporate world, this is known as a USP, or unique selling proposition. Sum up in one sentence or two exactly where you’re unique, and what you offer your audience. That can help focus both your communications with your followers, and help brands looking to partner with you understand exactly what they can get out of a partnership.

3. Let Brands Know About Your Expectations and Limits

Many influencers actively seek brand collaborations to get the word out and reap the rewards. But these collaborations have their limits, as well. If your audience begins to see you as a spokesperson for a brand or feels like you’ve lost your independence in any other way, you have a problem.

That’s why the third point in our list of communication tips is about clarity. Let any brand interested in partnering with you know exactly what you can and cannot do to review or promote their products. Putting this information out early helps avoid any future misunderstandings or issues in your partnerships, and allows you to be more clear when talking to your followers, as well.

4. Keep Your Personal Brand Consistent

If you are just starting out as an influencer, you might not think about yourself as a brand. Both the businesses you work with and your followers will come to see you as one, though. What you say reflects on the overall perception of your person, credibility, and expertise.

That’s why it’s crucial to keep it consistent with everyone you talk to, from followers to brands. Rather than code switching when talking in either direction, act towards and communicate with one audience segment just like you would with the other. Among other things, that consistency makes it much easier for other brands to understand how your voice could be an important addition to their messaging strategy.

5. Create a Portfolio to Reference Your Work

An influencer portfolio is, in many ways, a shorthand. It allows you to send a quick link to any brand interested in working with you, rather than having to explain the type of content you could work with on their behalf each time you begin or deepen a brand relationship.

The portfolio itself should include at least a couple examples of each type of content you typically produce. For example, if you regularly post baby product reviews, include a couple examples so that other brands in the space better understand your work. Keep your portfolio updated with successful examples of typical content to keep attracting new brands to influencer partnerships.

6. Listen to Your Audiences

Lastly, and perhaps the most important of our communication tips, always remember that communication is a two-way street. Engaging with and listening to your audience is a core part of building a successful presence and plenty of brand partnerships.

Of course, that means more than just responding to emails from brands or comments on social media. Pay attention to constructive criticism from audiences, using it to improve your content. Look for potential new content avenues in the types of questions they ask. When it comes to brands, open yourself to opportunities you might not have pursued yet if they fit within your niche and personal brands.

Implement Communication Tips on Reach.Dog

All of these tips can help you communicate with your two core audiences, and grow your influencer strategy in the process. The good news: you’re not on your own. In fact, we’ve built Reach.Dog specifically to help influencers like you communicate with brands.

It starts with discoverability. A Reach.Dog profile allows you to present yourself, your niche, and your personal brand to companies looking to work with influencers and content creators. You can create a portfolio and showcase exactly what you can do, easing the process of procuring potential partnerships.

It doesn’t end there. Reach.Dog gathers and displays high-level stats on each creator, from average engagement on posts to average likes, average video watch times, and more. As you grow your follower base through effective communication, your profile on our platform rises as well, making a partnership more attractive to brands in your niche.

Combine it all, and it results in the first-ever holistic platform for creators and influencers. It’s an unbiased website designed to help influencers raise their profiles, and brands find and partner with them as a result.

Ready to learn more? Reach.Dog is a free influencer marketing platform, developed by James Cashiola. Visit our platform and start creating your profile today.

By James Cashiola

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