What’s the Best Way To Track My Hashtags on Instagram?

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Using hashtags is an excellent way to expand your reach, get a better idea of what people are talking about, and even measure how your campaign ultimately functions. However, to determine how effective your campaigns really are, you need to track those hashtags. What are people talking about? How are they connecting with your brand? How are they reacting to them?

Instagram makes it simple to check basic analytics, including your hashtag performance.

How To Track My Hashtags on Instagram

There are several strategies that can help you track the performance of your hashtags on Instagram or keep up with the latest trending hashtags in your industry. 

Instagram Analytics

If you want a look at how your hashtags are performing on Instagram specifically, start with a look at your Instagram analytics. Instagram offers an effective look at how your hashtags are performing directly on its platform.

First, visit the Analytics section of your Instagram account. Check on the “Engagement” option. Then, scroll down to Hashtags. You’ll see a list of the hashtags you’ve used and how much engagement your customers have had with them. Next, you can sort your view by:

  • A specific time period. For example, this can be useful for tracking things like the performance of a new marketing campaign.
  • The type of media you have posted. Do customers engage more with content that includes a video, or do they prefer static photo content? Your engagement stats can give you a better look at the answer.
  • Type of engagement. Are people commenting more on specific types of content? Or, do they seem to share content that fits certain parameters more often? 

Instagram offers a number of vital insights into the performance of your hashtags and how customers are most likely to engage with them. By checking out your analytics, you can shape your campaigns to improve their overall effectiveness and increase the odds that customers will turn to your business for their future needs. 

Hashtag Tracking Tools

In some cases, you may want to know more information about your hashtags and their performance–or the hashtag performance of other brands–than Instagram offers through its analytics. In that case, you might want to use a hashtag tracking tool to get those deeper insights. Hashtag tracking tools can also help you track hashtags off Instagram. As a result, you will gain more insights into exactly how those hashtags are performing, what’s trending, and what your competitors might be doing.

Reach.Dog, for example, can offer vital insights into a number of critical facets of your hashtag use and its performance. Do you want to know what’s trending? Do you want to see more about how your hashtags are performing across platforms? Reach.Dog can help you get more information.

Tracking My Hashtags Beyond Instagram

Evaluating and analyzing your content on Instagram directly can provide you with vital insights into how your hashtags are performing on the platform. However, you may be using hashtags on other platforms, too. Your Facebook, Twitter, and even blog posts may also use hashtags to help expand their reach and increase engagement with the post.

There are several advantages to tracking your hashtags beyond Instagram. 

1. Learn more about what people are talking about across platforms.

Your users aren’t just engaging and interacting with your business on Instagram or Facebook. In addition, they’re engaging with you across a variety of platforms. The conversations they take part in on other platforms can provide you with valuable insights about what they may need from your brand and how you can best provide them with the things and connections they need. 

Trends often span multiple platforms. For example, you may see conversations that appear on multiple platforms at the same time, often in response to outside stimuli or events. In other cases, that may mean that a trend spreads from one platform to the next. By tracking hashtags across platforms, you can get a better feel for what might come next and how your business can deliver on it. 

3. Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns across platforms.

Your marketing efforts likely span multiple platforms. As a result, you need to know how they are performing on each one. Sometimes, you may discover that a certain type of campaign performs better on one platform than another. In other cases, you may learn that your customers do not interact as much with your business on a specific platform. As a result, you may need to devote fewer marketing dollars to those specific platforms.

As you continue to study hashtag performance across platforms, you’ll often get a better feel for exactly how your marketing efforts are performing and what you may need to do to improve them in the future.

4. Discover what your competitors are focusing on.

By carefully analyzing hashtags across platforms, you’ll not only get a feel for what you’re accomplishing for your brand, but also what your competitors might be accomplishing and what they’re focusing on. Your competitors may focus their marketing on different social media platforms, or they may use different hashtags and strategies. When you know what they’re focusing on, you can often better determine where and how you may need to shift your focus for future success.

Reach.Dog Can Help Track Your Hashtag Performance Across Channels

Are you looking for a solution that will provide you with greater overall insights into your hashtag performance? Reach.Dog can help you get those essential insights. Learn:

  • What hashtags are trending.
  • Who’s mentioning those hashtags.
  • What level of engagement each type of hashtag receives.

With those insights, you can discover influencers who might be willing to help promote your brand, discover who is who in your industry, and learn more about both your brand’s performance and your competitors. As a result, you can customize your marketing campaigns and choose more effective hashtags that will allow you to connect better with your target audience.

Reach.Dog can help you get the right micro-influencers to streamline your marketing campaigns. Create your free account today to begin your search.

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