Content Marketing Trend: Influencers Are Your Most Important Creators

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When it comes to marketing in 2021, content is king. Staying on top of the latest content marketing trend gives your brand an opportunity to connect with your target audience. It’s an opportunity to inform them, entertain them, or a little of both. Whether you are writing blogs, making videos, or crafting the next hot meme, content marketing is your chance to build trust with consumers and (hopefully) generate leads. 

There are many types of content marketing available in the marketer’s toolbox, too. Blogs, social media, video content, and more are all important forms of content marketing. Chances are good that your in-house team is creating the bulk of your content marketing. But one of the most effective forms of marketing is one that you aren’t making yourself. 

Influencer-generated content is more than a hot trend in marketing. It’s proven to be an effective method of introducing your target audience to your brand and converting more of them into buyers. But is it really the most effective marketing method? And why? 

Understanding the ROI of Influencer-Generated Content

According to the businesses that use influencer-generated content, this is content that works. Eighty percent of businesses say it’s effective, and nearly 90 percent say it’s more effective than other content marketing. 

It’s paying off, too. Businesses report making $6.50 for every $1 they invested in influencer-generated content, on average. One-fifth of businesses surveyed made at least $20 for every $1 they spent. This method tied with email marketing for ROI and only narrowly beat out organic search optimization. Not only was the ROI impressive, but brands felt the quality of the customer was better, too. That meant they purchased more and were more likely to become a brand advocate later on. There’s no doubt this content marketing trend is worth your investment.

Because so many brands are finding success with influencer-generated content, more brands are signing up for it. Seventy-one percent of surveyed brands said they planned to increase their marketing budget for influencer content in 2020. More than a third felt that influencer content outperforms their other content. Instagram remains the platform of choice, but TikTok is the rising star in 2021. 

Why Influencer-Created Content is So Effective

Your brand might spend hours of time and the bulk of your marketing budget on in-house-created content only to see influencer content outperform it in every metric. So why is this content marketing trend so powerful? 

Experts in Their Fields 

Their followers respect their opinions within the field, so they trust their reviews and recommendations, too. This is especially true for micro-influencers in niche markets. Micro-influencers usually have 10,000 followers or more, and those followers are typically very loyal. A micro-influencer in cleaning on Instagram, for example, may recommend a new mop or vacuum cleaner to their followers. Because the followers know the influencer is serious about cleaning, they take the recommendation seriously, too. 

In this way, the influencers are considered to be more like trusted friends. Followers believe and trust them more than they will any claim made by an unfamiliar or unknown brand. So their opinions, recommendations, and reviews all hold a lot of weight with their audience. 

Captive Audience of Potential Customers 

If you are having trouble finding your target audience, look for influencers who might love your product or service. Their followers are your target audience, and it’s already a captive audience, too. Instead of having to lure them in with creative viral media, your influencer partner has done the work for you. Their audience is already paying attention to what they are saying, so any message about your brand is going to have more impact. 

That’s why influencer-generated content has such a high conversion rate, too. The audience is already there and ready to listen. Plus, the influencer knows how to reach their followers through targeted messaging or content. They know what tone, style, and message is going to have the most impact because they know their followers. That means they can tailor-make content for your brand that will have the biggest impact on potential buyers. 

Cuts Through the Noise of Other Paid Advertising 

There are a lot of media sources competing for our attention now. Gone are the days where we primarily saw advertisements during prime-time television or when browsing the newspaper. Today, brands are competing for attention on hundreds of different mediums. In social media alone, a brand has to fight for attention on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter–just to name a few. Sometimes paid advertisements don’t cut through the noise to reach your intended audience. And even if it does, they are likely to scroll right by it. 

Influencer marketing is a different game altogether. Followers seek out their favorite content creators to check out their recommendations. So while they might skip the ads at the beginning of the video, they are far less likely to skip the influencer-created content. That means your brand directly reaches your target audience, and this is an audience that’s paying attention. 

What Can Influencer-Generated Content Do For Your Brand? 

Partnering with influencers can do a lot of amazing things for your brand, including: 

  • Increase brand awareness. Introduce your brand to a new audience and get your name out there. 
  • Generate a positive brand association. When introduced by a trusted name, potential customers will have a positive association with your products and services. 
  • Create more engagement with brand-generated content. When customers come to you from their favorite influencer’s page, they are more likely to give you more likes, retweets, and comments on the content that you create. 
  • Increase click-throughs and follows. Not only will engagement increase, but visits to your website and follows on your brand’s social media accounts may increase as well. 
  • Boost sales. All of this translates into more sales and a terrific ROI from influencer-generated marketing. 

The key is finding the right influencers to partner with. This is where Reach.Dog can help. By searching our online influencer database, you’ll be able to find the right influencers in the right markets. You can see their reach, engagement, follower counts, and even their top hashtags. This allows you to easily find influencers who are already talking to your target audience.

Reach.Dog is a free influencer marketing platform, developed by James Cashiola. Sign up with Reach.Dog today, and start creating beneficial partnerships with influencers in your target market.

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