How To Find Local Instagram Influencers for Your Next Marketing Campaign

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In yet another year, Instagram remains the top social media platform for influencer marketing. This fact is corroborated by Linqia’s 2021 ‘State of Influencer Marketing’ study, which found that roughly 93 percent of marketers are of the opinion that Instagram is the ideal social media platform when it comes to influencer marketing. That said, choosing between Instagram and other social networks is just one step in the process. You also need to find the right influencer to get the most out of influencer marketing. Local Instagram influencers play a huge role in your success as well.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the best ways of finding local Instagram influencers for your next marketing campaign. 

But first, a quick look at what a local influencer is. 

What Is a Local Influencer? 

Simply put, a local/micro-influencer is an influencer who resides in the same city, neighborhood or county as you do. Micro-influencers are an excellent way to connect with your niche audience. While these social media leaders usually have smaller followings, they can generate high engagements. Some of the specific benefits of working with local/micro-influencers include: 

  • Increased access to niche communities. 
  • Higher audience engagement rates.
  • Accessible and open feedback.
  • Cost-effective, especially if you have a small budget.
  • Willing to work with smaller brands.
  • Open to a continuing relationship as they grow their influence.

8 Ways to Find Local/Micro-Influencers for Your Next Marketing Campaign 

As influencer marketing continues to grow, more businesses wonder how to get Instagram influencers who are a perfect fit for their brand. From searching for influencers on the Instagram Explore page to monitoring relevant hashtags, brands are employing different strategies when searching for influencers. 

But what are the best strategies for finding the right influencers? 

Here is an outline of some of them: 

1. Scan Your Instagram Followers 

Suppose you have a significant social media presence (even if you don’t); begin your search by scanning your Instagram followers to find influencers based in your locality. You might be surprised that some are already following you. Look for relevance to your brand and, of course, their follower numbers. 

Scan through their profiles to ascertain that their content is related to your niche. If it is, you can approach them with an offer. 

Conduct a local hashtag search for relevant local/micro-influencers. You can do this by searching for a specific and relevant keyword from your niche. A hashtag search will help you discover popular posts. 

For instance, if you own a food business in Georgia, you can use the hashtag #georgiafoodblogger on Instagram to search for relevant local influencers. By using hashtags like this, you’ll be able to see the most popular posts and start to identify who’s posting the most relevant content and are perhaps working with businesses like yours. 

3. Identify Influencers Who Your Target Audience Are Already Following 

One of the most crucial steps when searching for influencers is identifying influencers that resonate with your target audience. You can achieve this feat by looking at your existing community. Select 10 to 15 followers representing your ideal audience, and check out their following list. 

What content do they engage with? What type of influencers are they already following? This information should provide you with valuable insights into the kind of influencers you need to partner with and the type of content that will enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. 

4. Take Inspiration From Your Competitors 

While it isn’t recommended to copy someone else’s marketing strategy, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the competition. Think of this as a form of reverse market research. 

So why is it a good strategy? For starters, you can almost be certain that the influencers that your competitors are using are in your industry. It’s also likely that they have decent engagement rates; otherwise, your competitors wouldn’t be working with them. 

Even so, it’s important to conduct your due diligence since you can’t be entirely sure your competitors qualified the influencers they hired. 

5. Google Can Be a Pretty Helpful Tool 

While it may seem obvious, Google is another excellent way of finding and reaching out to Instagram influencers, regardless of your industry. 

One way to use Google is to search for a specific niche on Instagram. For instance, you may type “top fashion bloggers on Instagram” or “New York Social Influencers.” These searches will give you a list of profiles that you can check out. You will be able to run analytics on those people and find out who produces content that’s relevant to your niche and provides the type and level of engagement that you’re looking for. 

6. Search for Influencers on Instagram’s Explore Page 

The Instagram Explore page is an excellent place to find new accounts to follow, including those of Instagram influencers. The Explore page contains a list of posts chosen by Instagram’s algorithm. This includes posts of people you currently follow and the posts that you may be interested in. 

7. Ask Your Community for Recommendations 

This is another great technique for finding Instagram influencers, even though most people don’t take it seriously. Your followers make up your target audience. As such, their opinions matter a lot. You can share a story on your Instagram account, asking them if they already follow an influencer in your niche. 

Additionally, you may connect with them later on and ask what they like about a given influencer(s) most. This can help you determine if the influencer has the kind of value you are seeking. 

8. Use Influencer Marketing Platforms 

Influencer marketing platforms are mobile or web-based applications that connect brands with social media influencers. Brands can leverage these influencer search tools to find and partner with influencers, manage campaigns, and measure the results of their campaigns. 

Reach.Dog is a free influencer marketing platform that helps brands find the most relevant Instagram influencers. It allows you to explore and discover Instagram influencers based on their location, category, number of followers, quality score, engagement rate, etc. With this platform, you can access thousands of influencers easily. 

Get Started With Reach.Dog to Find the Right Influencers 

Influencer marketing has been experiencing rapid growth over the years. In fact, Statista approximated that the global influencer value was $13.8 billion in 2021. This just goes to show why it’s crucial to incorporate influencer marketing in your marketing campaigns.

Reach.Dog can help you get the right micro-influencers to streamline your marketing campaigns. Create your free account today to begin your search.

The Reach.Dog Team

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