Influencer Credibility: How Reach.Dog Can Increase Your Reach

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As an influencer, credibility and presence are everything. You need considerable reach in order to effectively tap the audience you’re looking for–not to mention allowing you to reach out to brands who are willing to sponsor you. Influencer credibility directly affects reach, and reach is one of the critical elements of your personal brand. It helps determine the size of your audience, who you’re able to connect with, and even what brands are willing to use you to reach their target audience.

Acquiring that reach, however, is often more difficult than you expected. Social media platforms can help get the word out about your brand and your presence. But they often have substantial limitations. Relying on social media presence alone makes it hard for you to find new brands that are willing to trust you, especially if you’re reaching out to a niche audience.

Reach.Dog can help overcome those limitations and give you the tools you need to more effectively reach your target audience. In essence, Reach.Dog is the IMDB or LinkedIn for creators and influencers. It’s a much more effective way to find exactly the people you’re looking for, that is the brands that are interested in having influencers like you promote their products. 

What is Reach.Dog?

Reach.Dog is a searchable database. It’s designed to allow brands to find creators/influencers who focus on the audience that a brand is looking for, and who have the ideal number of followers. Then, they can take a holistic, multi-platform look at your social media profiles and the content you have put together in the past.

All these details give them a better idea of whether you’re a good fit for them. It makes it easy for brands to find the influencers they’re looking for. That means it makes it easy for you, as an influencer, to find more brands to connect with. Ultimately, Reach.Dog will help expand your personal brand. 

Unbiased. Simple. Convenient.

The platform is unbiased. It has no complicated algorithms that you have to make your content and social media profiles fit within. It does not require you to jump through hoops in order to get noticed. Instead, it’s a simple, easy-to-use way for brands and consumers to more easily find those valuable content creators.

On Reach.Dog, you’ll find that it’s easy to create a profile that will draw in brands and consumers. You can show them what you have to offer and demonstrate the audience you are targeting.

High-Level Stats for Brands to Examine

For many brands, both big and small, data matters. Nothing builds influencer credibility like hard numbers. It’s just as important as finding the right consumers to target as they try to expand their brand presence. Brands know key metrics indicate influencer credibility. So, it’s important as they look for the influencers they want to connect with. As those brands check out your profile, they’ll be able to learn more about what you have to bring to the table, including factors like:

  • Average engagement on your posts. How many people actually interact with the content you’re creating? Brands aren’t looking for influencers with followers who never actually see their content. Instead, they want influencers who have an active audience that engages with their posts. And your engagement stats help show why you’re a great choice.
  • Average likes on your posts. How many people like–and therefore have been interested in–what you have to say? That simple factor can help show brands why they should trust you. 
  • Average video watch times. When your followers check out your videos, how long are they watching them? If you create long, in-depth videos, do your followers and fans actually take the time to watch them all the way through? Or are they more likely to fall away within the first few seconds of a video? For example, on Facebook videos, average watch time hovers at just 10 seconds. Influencers whose followers routinely watch more of their content have a higher level of overall influence on those followers–and a generally better reach. 

Reach.Dog Keeps Track of Creator Search History for Brands 

It’s incredibly frustrating to find a great connection, but not be able to place exactly where you found that brand or who it was. Likewise, the brands that are interested in you need to be able to come back and find you again.

They may not be ready to make a connection after a single look at your profile. But they might be ready to connect with you more deeply after examining your profile a couple of times. Just like marketing a new product may require several touches, or connections to convert, marketing yourself to a brand can take time. 

Reach.Dog saves those searches so that brands who have connected with you or want to be able to find you in the future can easily come back and connect with you again.

It works the same way for you, as an influencer. If you find a brand you want to connect with, you can save the search so that you can easily go back to where you were or reconnect with brands that you know are a great fit for your personality, audience, and dynamic. 

Reach.Dog helps solve the problem of connecting influencers with the brands that best represent their specific personalities and needs. Finding the right brands can be an ongoing challenge–but Reach.Dog makes it simpler than ever. Brands that are most interested in the services of an influencer will come to you. Ultimately, that means less wasted time for both parties and a more effective platform that can help you connect.

Ready to get started? Reach.Dog is a free influencer marketing platform, developed by James Cashiola. Learn more about the platform and how you can make the most of it–or create your profile now and start connecting with brands who are ready to learn more about you.

By James Cashiola

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