Influencer Discovery: How to Use Reach.Dog to Help Brands Find You

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Whether you are on your way to becoming an influencer or just planning to increase your reach, establishing the right partnerships is the key to success. You must position yourself to be part of your target brands’ influencer discovery strategy.

As an influencer and a creator, you know that your work should speak for itself. However, without a smart approach to marketing yourself, it can be tough to raise awareness. Besides building followings and setting trends, you need to sell yourself. Otherwise, your income level may not match your effort.

Let’s take a closer look at how to help brands find you and what Reach.Dog can do about it.

Find Potential Partners

Are there any brands you truly like? Creating related content and marketing these brands will come naturally to you. Whether you already have a following or are just trying to build it, you need to have a couple of potential collaborations in mind.

Once you have a list of brands, check out what their existing influencers are doing. If this is something that interests you, reach out to the brand and propose a collaboration.

If you already have a certain following, check your followers. More often than not, you will find that some brands are already following you. If you like their products or services, let them know about your willingness to collaborate.

Check Your Competition

No matter what your niche is, you probably know who the competitors are. Take the time to study their feed and figure out which brands prefer working with these influencers. The same companies are likely to accept your pitch.  

Don’t worry about competition. Today, top-20 brands employ an average of 726 influencers. Smaller companies can work with 20 to 100 influencer-creators.

Remember, micro-influencers have just as good of a shot at big brands as other influencers do. In fact, the popularity of micro and nano-influencers is on the rise because they have higher engagement rates on Instagram than mega-influencers.

Streamline Your Content

Marketing yourself as an influencer is tough because you need to cater to two audiences: followers and brands. While their interests are similar, you need your content to appear valuable to both.

Regardless of what platform you are using for interacting with your followers, work on different types of content. While text can be appealing, videos and images are in high demand. Make sure to mix and match all content types to attract more brands to your work.

When tweaking your content, take a look at what other influencers that work with your desired brands are doing. You may find that their content is lacking something. Capitalize on their mistakes.

Diversify Your Reach

While brands will be checking out the quality of your content, they are also interested in the diversity of your channels.

For example, in 2021, about 93 percent of marketers are using Instagram for their marketing campaigns. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be focusing solely on this particular channel.

Brands prefer to use the same influencers for a variety of their campaigns. If they are taking advantage of different social media platforms, make sure you can too.

Repurposing content to suit different channels is easier than you think. It doesn’t demand too much of your time while improving your appeal for the brands.

Master the Art of Pitching

It can take a while for brands to start contacting your first. The majority of your initial collaborations will usually start with a well-thought-out pitch from your side. While you can have a pitch email template, make sure each message is highly personalized and includes:

  • A catchy subject line with a CTA
  • A short yet colorful introduction (introduce yourself concisely)
  • Points you love about the brand or its products
  • A demonstration of how the brand’s value and mission align with yours
  • A media kit

Your media kit should include:

  • Your approach to building awareness for brands
  • How you generated traffic and conversion for similar brands (with numbers and testimonials)
  • Your social media stats
  • Follower demographics
  • Top three pieces of content with links

If you haven’t worked with brands before, keep the focus on your followers and their match to the brand’s target audience, as well as high-quality content.

Work with a Platform like Reach.Dog

While you are advertising yourself to brands through content and competitor analysis, you can get a direct line to many companies through Reach.Dog. At Reach.Dog, we bring brands and influencers together to create long-lasting partnerships. We put you right in the middle of your target brands’ influencer discovery strategy.

Here is how Reach.Dog can help you get discovered.

LinkedIn for Influencers and Creators

Reach.Dog creates a profile that gives brands a concise yet colorful picture of what you can offer them. We show brands your multi-platform social media portfolio, helping them make up their minds about collaborations.

You become a part of a searchable database that thousands of brands use to find influencer marketing opportunities.

An Unbiased Approach

Unlike similar platforms, Reach.Dog is completely unbiased. That means it doesn’t use any algorithms to suggest influencers based on the brands’ behavior. Accordingly, you have a chance to connect with a brand regardless of its search history.

Reach.Dog is an easy-to-use platform for both brands and creators. The intuitive approach makes it highly appealing for pressed-for-time decision-makers.

High-Level Stats

Reach.Dog creates a portfolio for each influencer. It includes high-level stats like average engagement on posts, average likes, average video watch time, average comments per post, and more. In addition to stats, decision-makers will see your:

  • Recent posts
  • Top hashtags
  • Content calendar
  • Short description

Brands don’t need to go through loads of information to understand whether you are the right choice for them. The format Reach.Dog provides is highly digestible. As a result, you are more likely to land contracts quickly.

Make Reach.Dog Part of Your Influencer Discovery Strategy

An effective influencer discovery strategy is essential for both brands and influencers. Finding collaboration opportunities can be tough for both beginners and seasoned creators. Instead of spending time and money running after brands, allow them to run after you.

Reach.Dog is a free influencer marketing platform, developed by James Cashiola. By joining Reach.Dog, you are making yourself available to thousands of companies all over the world. Sign up today!

By James Cashiola

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