How much does it cost to pay an Instagram influencer?

Influencers on any social media platform charge an average of $25 per post, per 1000 followers. For perspective, here are some potential influencer marketing prices on Facebook:

  • An influencer with 10,000 followers could charge $250 per post.
  • An influencer with 100,000 followers could charge $2500 per post.

You should pay a social media influencer based on their followers and reach. It will cost a range of fees to pay an Instagram influencer based on their follower count.

For example:

  • Nano-influencers make an average of $114 per video post, $100 for an image post, and $43 for a story.
  • Power influencers make an average of $775 for an Instagram video, $507 for an image post, and $210 for a story.

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