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As an influencer, promoting your brand is critical. You need to be able to find the brands that want you to represent them, as well as the fans who will be most interested in the products you’re sharing. Finding the right influencer platform for promoting your personal brand, however, can be challenging.

Your social media platforms are often dedicated to reaching out to your fans: the people who will interact with, share, and appreciate your content. For brands looking for influencers, on the other hand, those social media pages may not be enough. Reach.Dog can help you reach those brands, sharing your presence and your brand in a more effective manner. 

What are Brands Looking For in Influencers?

Brands have very specific requirements when they’re looking for influencers. An effective influencer platform will help match your qualities with those brands’ requirements. They want to know:

  • How many followers you have. This helps brands understand how many people appreciate your brand enough to actively follow you and show an interest in your content. A high number of followers could suggest that you have greater influence than an influencer with a relatively small number of followers. 
  • Who your audience is. The people who make up your audience are just as important to most brands as the number of followers you have. If you speak to a highly niche-specific audience, it can make a big difference to a brand that needs to reach exactly that audience. In fact, your specific audience may matter even more than the number of followers you have. Brands know your specific audience determines who you, as an influencer, have the ability to reach.
  • How much engagement you have on your posts. Statistically speaking, how likely are your followers to comment on your content? What about sharing it? Do they watch videos all the way through, or do they stop halfway through the video? Do they watch the average 10 seconds? 

On Reach.Dog, you can share that information with brands that may be interested in everything you have to offer–and connect with them more effectively. 

How an Influencer Platform Can Help?

Reach.Dog is specifically designed to help connect influencers and brands. On Reach.Dog, you’ll find that you can more effectively establish who you are, why brands should trust you, and what your audience looks like. 

Reach.Dog Provides a Holistic Look at Your Activity

On Reach.Dog, brands can see your multi-platform social media profile and presence. They won’t have to hunt you down across multiple platforms in order to ensure that you fit their needs. Instead, they can take a look at all those important statistics in one place.

They’ll also be able to check out all of your platforms from one easy location. This will help brands decide if you’re a good representative for them. It’s a much more holistic approach to evaluating your profiles, your presence, and everything you have to offer.

Track Key Performance Statistics Brands Want to See

On Reach.Dog, brands can check out all the statistics that they need in order to determine whether you, as an influencer, offer the fit they need. They can evaluate:

  • Average engagement on your posts
  • Your average number of likes
  • Average video watch times

With that information at their fingertips, brands who are interested in partnering with you won’t have to wait around for your answers or seek them by checking out every aspect of your page.

Don’t make brands waste time searching for your key metrics. That will slow them down and ultimately prevent them from choosing to partner with your brand. Instead, they can simply access your metrics in one location. In many cases, they will make a faster decision about partnering with you. 

It’s Unbiased

Unlike many search platforms, including Google, Reach.Dog doesn’t have a complicated algorithm you must meet in order to get your presence as an influencer noticed. Instead, it’s a simple, searchable database is designed for brands looking for influencers. If you’re there, you will be found.

As an influencer, you don’t want to have to worry about SEO optimization. Instead, you want to continue to focus on your content and what you have to offer. You want brands that are looking for you to be able to find you as easily as possible. With Reach.Dog, you get exactly that. 

Better yet, that lack of an algorithm means that you won’t have to try to guess at how the algorithm is designed. You can simply present your brand as you are, then allow interested brands to come to you.

Showcase Who You are on an Influencer Platform

Set up a profile on Reach.Dog and let your engagement stats speak for themselves. On Reach.Dog, you won’t have to worry about the algorithms associated with most social media profiles. You can show who you are without the confines and biases of those algorithms.

With Reach.Dog, you can showcase who you really are and what your personal brand is all about–and as a result, you can allow your real personality to shine through, rather than having to worry about having the “right” keywords or the “right” content to attract search engine traffic. On Reach.Dog, the search is designed to help interested brands locate the influencers they need to advance their business–and that access is at your fingertips. 

Finding the right brands to represent is an ongoing challenge for many influencers. Reach.Dog, however, can help you cut through the noise and more effectively reach those brands. Even better, they’ll come to you. Those brands know what you have to offer. They understand the value of influencers, and they’re looking for influencers with precisely your market. As a result, you’ll end up with much more satisfactory brand relationships that will allow you to maintain your personality while sharing the products you come to love.

Reach.Dog is a free influencer marketing platform, developed by James Cashiola. Contact us today to learn more about how we can start helping you connect with the brands that need your audience.

By The Reach.Dog Team

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