Top 8 Tools for Measuring Hashtag Performance Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

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Measuring hashtag performance across the social media platforms you use most often is a critical part of determining whether they are functioning the way you intend. Without an effective hashtag tracking strategy, you may find it difficult to determine whether you are choosing the right hashtags, what people are actually talking about in your industry, and how customers are engaging with the hashtag content you’ve posted.

You can track your hashtag performance individually on the social media platforms you use most often. However, tracking your hashtag performance across all your platforms offers numerous advantages. When you see the performance of your hashtags on multiple platforms, you can:

  • Learn more about what people are talking about.
  • Track who is engaging with your brand.
  • Find influencers who are talking about the same things you are.
  • Discover which platforms are working best for your specific campaigns–and where you might need to change things up in order to continue to expand your reach.

Ultimately, using the right tools for measuring hashtag performance goes a long way toward helping you track hashtag use, engagement, and more.

1. Reach.Dog

Do you want to learn more about what people are talking about? Do you want to track how hashtags are actually performing across profiles, users, and mentions on multiple social media accounts? Ultimately, you need to know who the influencers are that are most likely to connect with your brand and have the same target audience you do. How? Reach.Dog can help provide all of that and more.

Reach.Dog makes measuring hashtag performance easy. It is the first-ever holistic platform for creators and influencers. It’s an unbiased website designed to help brands find and partner with influencers. Additionally, it includes a convenient hashtag tracking tool that allows influencers and brands look at hashtag use across multiple platforms with ease. 

2. Brand24

With Brand24, media monitoring is simple. It allows you to track your dedicated hashtags across all the platforms where they’re mentioned: social media, news, videos, form posts, blog posts, and even reviews. Then, you can see your hashtag engagement laid out in a simple chart that is easy to digest and understand. As a result, you can determine how your hashtags are performing, what people are talking about, and where you’re being mentioned.

Brand24 makes it easier to see where people are talking about you and what’s being said about your brand. As a result, this insight can help you make vital decisions about future campaigns and the hashtags you might want to use.

3. Hashtagify

Hashtagify won’t allow you to quickly search your own hashtag performance. However, it will provide valuable hashtag insights that can help you expand your reach and accomplish more with your campaigns. For example, Hashtagify provides the ability to search hashtags and get suggestions for hashtags you may want to use on Twitter and Instagram.

Learn more about hashtags’ current popularity, monthly trends, and weekly trends so that you can stay on top of current usage. As a result, you can keep your brand and your hashtag campaigns as relevant as possible.

4. RiteTag

RiteTag offers insights into real-time hashtag engagement. For example, it allows users to get immediate suggestions for the hashtags that are trending and where they’re being used. RiteTag offers suggestions for hashtags based on your posts and content. As a result, you can select the ideal hashtag for your current needs. 

5. Digimind

Digimind is intelligence software that offers a deeper understanding of consumer insights and market trends. For example, it offers key information about your brand reputation and what other brands in your industry are doing and talking about. As a result, you can create marketing campaigns and target hashtags that are already seeing a great deal of conversation.

Digimind brings together comprehensive marketing intelligence information in one simple platform. Its dashboard breaks down content for you into easy-to-understand graphs and insights. As a result, Digimind is used by many of the big brands to help gain better overall market insights and get a better feel for what their customers need and want.

6. BrandMentions

BrandMentions is designed to help measure the “buzz” around your brand. It provides you with simple, actionable insights into what people are talking about. Additionally, it digs through every corner of the internet to take a closer look at where and when people are mentioning your brand. Then, the tool provides you with valuable insights into what has been said about your brand and the specific hashtags you’ve chosen for a specific marketing campaign.

BrandMention helps you keep track of your brand’s presence and reputation online, provides essential insights into your competitors, and offers more overall business intelligence information. Ultimately, it allows you to continue to excel across the platforms you’ve chosen for your campaigns.


Are you looking for a definitive source of information about hashtags online? will provide the insights you need. It offers information about trending hashtags, popular hashtags, and what makes a hashtag successful. In addition, it helps break down hashtags by specific categories. As a result, you can find the hashtags that are trending in your industry and learn more about how you can take advantage of those trends.

If you’re just getting started with hashtags and want more information about how to make the most out of them, also provides a library of articles that will allow you to look deeper into hashtag use and how to maximize its effectiveness. 

8. Keyhole

Keyhole is a powerful all-in-one social media reporting tool that is effective for measuring hashtag performance. It’s a popular tool for businesses, agencies, and global brands. It allows you to automatically track accounts and even compare your social media accounts with your competitors’. In short, Keyhole is the ideal solution for tracking hashtag engagement across a variety of platforms. For example, it offers campaign monitoring solutions, brand marketing assistance, and even event marketing and market research. If you’re looking for deeper insights into your hashtags and your marketing efforts, Keyhole can help provide those critical pieces of information.

Tracking hashtag performance across your platforms and content can make your marketing pop and expand your brand reach. Hashtags let you know more about what people have to say and how they’re engaging with content, often in real-time.

Do you want to use your hashtags to connect with influencers and become a part of the larger conversation? Reach.Dog can help maximize your marketing campaigns. Create your free account today to begin your search.

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