The Top Tip for Influencers: Turn Reach.Dog Into Your Biggest Asset

Young influencer promotes makeup and expands reach through Reach.Dog.


Becoming, managing, and being an influencer on social media is a complex process. It requires the thoughtful building of your personal brand and audience. That alone can be a full-time job for influencers. Add in the need to partner with brands, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the options and challenges during an average day.

Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be that complex. You just need to know how to effectively promote your presence and personal brand to businesses actively looking to partner with creators and influencers.

And make no mistake: companies are looking. Marketers spent just under $2 billion on influencer marketing in 2016. That figure is expected to skyrocket to more than $11 million by the end of this year. When they look for influential social media personalities to partner with, will they find you?

The answer to that question gets us to the No. 1 tip we have for aspiring and current influencers looking to grow their visibility: Use Reach.Dog as their home platform for potential brand partnership. In this article, we’ll explain just why our platform can become such an important asset for your efforts.

Influencers: Expand Your Reach

Building an audience of followers is difficult. It might only be topped by the challenge of making yourself visible to brands looking to partner with creators. So first, and perhaps most importantly, partnering with Reach.Dog enables you to expand that reach in an honest, sustainable way.

Most brands won’t spend hours simply browsing social networks in the hopes of finding potential influencers in their niche or attracting the same audience they want to. Instead, they use influencer platforms (like Reach.Dog) to easily search for exactly who they’re looking for.

That leads to a simple conclusion. If brands are looking for you on Reach.Dog, a carefully crafted profile on the platform is a crucial first step to being found. That’s especially true considering how much of our platform depends on a comprehensive, unbiased search. You don’t need to game an algorithm just to be found. Instead, you can build your personal brand with the goal of being easily discoverable by the brands you look to attract.

Of course, that is only one of the many ways to increase your reach. It might also be the most important one, though. A discoverable, easy-to-find profile helps you get found, build partnerships, and expand your influencer efforts over time.

Explain Yourself

Beyond simply being able to find potential influencer partners, brands want to know about content creators they’re about to work with. Factors they look at include:

  • Niche
  • Personal brand
  • Demographics and attributes of the influencer’s followers
  • Networks the influencer is active on
  • Other brand partnerships the influencer done or is interested in doing.

A profile on Reach.Dog allows you to present all of that information in an easily understandable format. You can organize and streamline your profile. This makes your brand clearly identifiable and visible to any corporate entity looking for the right partner. 

Enhance Your Credibility

What does it mean to be an influencer? No matter where you turn, you’ll likely get different answers. Regardless of who you speak to, though, there is a common thread. It usually describes an individual with at least a respectable following on social media. And those followers consider the influencer a credible expert on a given topic or niche.

That credibility is absolutely key to brand partnerships. However, it is difficult to communicate. It’s the perfect “show, don’t tell” scenario. If you say you’re an expert, will brands really believe you?

That’s what makes a presence on Reach.Dog such an important consideration. Here, you don’t just talk about your expertise. Reach.Dog’s portfolios are designed to demonstrate your best work. 

This is your space to build and expand your personal brand, which enhances your credibility in the process. As a result, brands who discover you as a potential influencer will be able to trust their partnership with you. They will see the results of your efforts to reach their (and your) audience through legitimate, credible means.

Showcase Your Influence

Finally, a profile on Reach.Dog is the perfect opportunity to showcase just how influential you are with your followers. That’s because it includes high-level stats on your audience and outreach efforts, including average KPIs brands look for, such as:

  • Engagement on posts
  • Post likes, comments, and shares
  • Video watch times

Keep in mind that brands invest significant portions of their budget in working with influencers, and they look for ROI. Rather than potentially wasting their dollars on creators that don’t actually play a core role in influencing their audience, they need to see results. 

Outside a standing platform like Reach.Dog, these results can be difficult to showcase. Pulled into your overall profile and alongside your efforts to showcase your brand and credibility, they’re much more convincing. As a result, brands know what they’re working with before they reach out. This leads to a more productive and mutually beneficial relationship.

How to Build Your Influencer Presence With Reach.Dog

Building your influencer presence is not easy. Any tools that can help quickly become indispensable assets. They are vital to growing your profile, extending your reach, enhancing your credibility, and showcasing your personal brand.

That’s where Reach.Dog comes in. It is the first-ever holistic platform for creators. It empowers discoverability and provides a place to showcase yourself to your audience without the confines of a social media platform. Think of it as the IMDB for creators. You don’t have to watch the movie to learn basic details about it.

At its most basic, it’s an unbiased, searchable database of creators. It allows brands to view each creator’s multi-channel social media presence. Influencers use it as a tool to make sure that their presence and personal brand is represented exactly how it should be. Ready to learn more? Reach.Dog is a free influencer marketing platform, developed by James Cashiola. Get started on our website today.

By James Cashiola

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