How to Use Reach.Dog for More Meaningful Marketing

Social media sharing concept shows the importance of meaninful marketing strategies.


Influencer marketing continues to rise in importance. Brands are investing in meaningful marketing by striving to diversify their message and partner with credible voices to reach their audiences. In fact, global revenue has doubled in the past two years, and is projected to hit the $15 billion threshold before the end of 2022. 

Of course, becoming a part of that trend can be complex. Jumping into influencer marketing, or continuing to improve and optimize your efforts in the field, is not as simple as a random search on your favorite social network. You need a meaningful marketing strategy. That includes a thoughtful way of identifying the right influencers, and the right data to support both the efficacy of the strategy and its success as you get started.

That’s where Reach.Dog enters the equation. Our platform is designed to help marketers run better-quality, more efficient influencer marketing campaigns. Find the right creators to partner with, leverage in-depth data, and manage your campaigns across channels to build more meaningful marketing efforts.

Finding Social Creators to Match Your Brand and Audience

Influencer marketing, at its best, starts with clearly defining your goals and audiences. With those in hand, the next step tends to be where marketers struggle: finding influencers that help you connect with those audiences to reach your goals. Fortunately, Reach.Dog can help.

That starts with basic influencer research. On the platform, a basic search function helps you easily find creators using keywords that range from fashion to health. In addition, advanced search filters ensure you make your results as relevant as possible:

  • Choose the network(s) on which you want to focus your search.
  • Filter by pre-defined categories, like FitnessEntrepreneurship, or Real Estate.
  • Search by a minimum and/or maximum follower count.
  • Filter by a minimum and/or maximum engagement rate.
  • Limit your search to only verified users.

Once you apply those filters, you can sort your search results by anything from recent activity to total follower count. As a result, you maximize the relevance of any creators that might be a good fit for your brand and influencer marketing goals. You can even search by hashtag instead of by creator, focusing on the conversations that matter most to your brand.

If you’re already actively searching for influencers natively on your active social media platforms, consider Reach.Dog’s Google Chrome browser extension. The platform is specifically designed as an influencer research tool. It enables you to view advanced statistics right on the creator’s profile. At the same time, it allows you to favorite specific creators and build your list for future outreach and partnership.

Leveraging In-Depth Data to Plan Meaningful Marketing Campaigns

Data-based marketing has become absolutely vital to the planning, creation, and evaluation of campaigns designed to drive anything from brand awareness to conversions. Data-informed decisions can go a long way toward removing bias from the equation and building more meaningful marketing campaigns in the process.

We’ve already alluded to the advanced statistics available to Reach.Dog users above. Now, let’s dig deeper into this concept, and how it can help your marketing efforts. 

On its main platform, Reach.Dog acts much like IMDB, with a focus on creators instead of TV shows and movies. The dashboard view of each creator found through search via a favorite includes total follower counts for each platform on which they are active, along with average engagement rates for that platform. Creators can own their own footprint on Reach.Dog. That allows you to see the information they find most relevant in their potential partnership with brands.

The browser extension offers similar benefits. Visit a creator’s Instagram profile, and you’ll have all types of advanced data at your fingertips right on the platform:

  • View average likes per post.
  • See average comments per post.
  • Analyze average views per video.
  • Get a view of their average reach.
  • Find their engagement rate.

Each individual post, meanwhile, also includes advanced statistics on total reach and engagement rate.

With that data at your fingertips, your influencer campaign can take off. You can use it to find the right creators for your brand. However, you can also learn more about which types of posts their audience responds to most. That, in turn, leads to more effective campaigns and creative planning for all parties involved.

Managing Your Campaigns Across Multiple Channels

Of course, planning a meaningful influencer marketing campaign is only the beginning. Its execution plays a role that is just as crucial in reaching its goals and helping your marketing succeed. Fortunately, this is another area where Reach.Dog can help brands. Our platform allows you to manage your influencer marketing campaigns across all relevant social media channels.

That starts with the above-mentioned ability to find your influencers’ footprint on all channels relevant to you. In addition, the data extends to campaigns you are currently managing, inviting a number of possibilities for campaign management:

  • Track the statistics behind brand-focused hashtags using the platform’s internal search tool.
  • Analyze the reach and engagement of influencer posts that directly relate to your brand’s campaign.
  • Track the footprint of your own brand’s social media channels as you build and execute your influencer marketing campaigns.

In other words, this is where all the benefits of Reach.Dog begin to play together. The platform’s innate analytics abilities, combined with its comprehensive search function that includes both brand and creator accounts across all major channels, allow you to manage and track your campaign success at all times.

How to Get Started On More Meaningful Marketing With Reach.Dog

Influencer marketing is on a rapid but consistent upward trajectory. Strategic and meaningful marketing is becoming more important than ever. When used the right way, Reach.Dog can play a major role in helping you take that direction and move your brand’s marketing goals and online presence forward.

For brands, that’s as simple as creating a free account and downloading the free Google Chrome Browser extension. From there, it takes just a few minutes to get used to the platform. In just a few minutes, you can get started searching out the right creators and right conversations for your brand.

So what are you waiting for? Create your free account today, and get started in the process of creating more meaningful, relevant marketing campaigns. 

By James Cashiola

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